Sunday, 28 September 2014

September Favourites

Hello Lovelies!

Its that time time of the month again...
My monthly favourites!

I have made a few purchases this month so I have been favouring a few new products

Lets start off with the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
(purchased from Beauty Bay)

Let me just say... OH MY GOD! Im in love with this palette
I actually feel bad using it because I don't want it to ever run out!
I love how pigmented the eyeshadows are

You can create so many different looks with this palette, it can be super girly or just a natural pink. The last colour BLACKHEART has to be my favourite, its a dark black/purple with hints of a dark pink shimmer, its the most beautiful colour

My next fav was purchase for a few reasons, I had seen a few people talking about it on Instagram and the packaging is SO cute!
(purchased from Beauty Bay)

Its the Too Faced Sweethearts  Perfect Flush Blush in Candy Glow

I absolutely love this blush! It finitely lives up to the hype
Its a perfect trio of colours of a beautiful bright splash of colour on the cheeks

Recently I jumped on the Lime Crime bandwagon!
You mate have seen my blog post reviewing matte lip creams, and the Utopia Velvetine was featured (go check it out!)
Im also loving the Lime Crime Lipstick in Babette!

(purchased from Crush Cosmetics)

I would call this a pinky salmon colour, its a beautiful colour to match with a nude smokey eye!
You can feel as you apply it that its a matte consistency and it last a few hours before you need to re apply!

Since winter has just left us here in Australia my lips have been dry!
I saw these at priceline and decided to pick one up!
Maybelline New York Baby Lips in Cherry Velvet

(purchased in store at Priceline)

I love the feeling of this it makes my lips feel suer soft
the only downfall is that it has that classic lip balm taste!
I have still been wearing it most days so I can obviously live with it!

Last but not least is the Australis Velourlips in HO-CHEE-MIN

Iv been loving this shoe range since I got my hands on it, but I have been turning to this colour a lot

I just love how bright and fun it is!
don't you?

That wraps up this months favs!
I hope you enjoyed reading :)

If you have any comments or just want to say hello, comment below!

xx Lucy

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Matte Liplgoss Comparison | NYX | Australis | Lime Crime

Hello lovelies!

I have gotten myself a lovely little collection of matte lip glosses as I thought why not review and compare them!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

(Purchased from Crush Cosmetics)

This is definitely a unique colour!
The one thing I noticed about this is that its not very full of colour
I was expecting it to be thick and full coverage (this is one application)
I feel it would need at least two for it to be extremely dramatic
Its very soft to apply it it smells sweet like vanilla

(Purchased from Crush Cosmetics)

This is a pretty nude/terracotta colour
In terms of coverage this does had mire colour, one application would be enough
Again is smells sweet and is super soft to apply
Along with Transylvania it stays creamy for a while unlike some matte lip creams that dry instantly
It is also a tad sticky when it dries 

Australis Velourlips

(purchased from Priceline)

This was the first of the Velourlips collection that I purchased
I love nude colours so I was drawn to this colour
In general they all dry quiet quickly and you can be sure that it is long lasting
It almost has a warm orange tint to the colour
Its one of my favourites

(Purchased from Priceline)

Its a beautiful vibrant orange/red
I actually wore the last night with a little black dress and it was perfect!
I have found with these glosses that you don't really need to re apply, as they can build-up on the lips
because they are matte and drying I remove them with an eye make-up remover

(Purchased from Priceline)

This is a super bright barbie pink colour which is slightly on the coral side
I do love this colour, but being blonde (not naturally) I have found that I favour darker colours more,
But I think I will be wearing brighter colours now its starting to warm up :)

(purchases from Priceline)

I think the names of theses lip creams are so cool haha!
This is a pretty pink/purple colour
Its super cute!
I feel like I won't wear this colour a whole lot, I didn't own a pink lip cream so why not add one to the collection!

Lime Crime Velvetines

(Purchased from Crush Cosmetics)

This is the only colour I own in the Velvetines collection and I wish I had 100!
Its my favourite colour ever, its super smooth to apply and dries to a matte finish for long lasting wear!
You will see this colour featured a lot on my Instagram!
Note i did find that when I ate lunch which was a bit greasy it came off a bit, so oily foods should be avoided

All in all
I think its a tie between Velvetines and Velourlips 
The Velvetines are double the price of Velourlips so I would personally go those :)
I do like NYX lip cream I just don't think it would stay on as long as others

Thanks for reading!
As usual if you have any questions just comment below!

xx Lucy

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Australis Base Perfection | Full On Foundation - Fresh and Flawless - Blush BFFs

Hello Lovelies!

Today I will be sharing with you some new Australis goodies I picked up over the weekend :)
(brushes not Australis)

This photo features the Full On Foundation, Fresh & Flawless Pressed Power and my very much loved Blush BFFs

(Australis Full On Foundation in Beige)

I have never owned a stick foundation before, but when I saw lots of people talking about them on Instagram I just had to have one!

I got mine from Priceline for the amazing price of $12.95!
Its super affordable and in my opinion its right up there with the high end foundations such as MAC etc when it comes to coverage and texture

I loved the feel of this foundation, Its so creamy!
It blends beautifully and even though it gives a full coverage its not thick like some foundations can be

(Australis Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder in Deep Natural)

I figured I would want a powder to set my foundation, and I usually get an oily t-zone so I always use a powder :)
I really love this powder! 
You don't need a lot and it really sets in your foundation and keeps the shine away
I can apply it in the morning and still have perfect foundation with little to no shine by the end of the day!
Its amazing
Both products together give amazing coverage, hiding all my flaws

The Blush BFFs has featured in a few posts so far as its my favourite blush :)
(Australis Blush BFF's in Truth and Dare)
I have loved this blush so much that the bottom of the compact is showing!
I love how you can create different depths of colour with this one product
As its a duo you get a bright candy pink one side and an almost peach toned pink on the other so you can blend them together with your blush brush or favour one colour more :) 

Im loving my little collection of Australis cosmetics!
I will also be doing a post featuring the Velourlips when I get my online order!

I hope you enjoyed reading! If you have any questions or want to share your love for your favourite Australis products please comment below

I have tagged both the Priceline and Australis Cosmetics websites in this post :)

xx Lucy

Friday, 12 September 2014

Shanghai Suzy | Colour Review

Hello Lovelies!

Today I will be showing my my collection of the Shanghai Suzy lipsticks

For the moment, It consists of 
Miss Jade Orange 
Miss Ally Amethyst
Miss Mia Foxy Hibiscus
Miss Leah Baby Cocoa
Miss Bree Pink Blush
The Gossling Lippie
Miss Sophia Lilac
Miss Sarah-Jane Neon Coral

Miss Jade was my first ever Shangai Suzy Lipstick!
Its a Matte Formula, Its a super bright orange and its one of my favs!

Miss Ally is a Matte Formula
Its avery interesting colour
Its a bright but dark purple
I tried it on and I feel like it needs to be used with a lipliner
I do love the colour though

Miss Mia! I love love love this colour!
Its a Matte Formula
This also should be worn with a liner, which I'm yet to get!
This is such a beautiful vibrant hot pink!
love it

Miss Leah is such a cute pink/nude colour
Its a Nourish Formula
Its super soft and glossy
Its a very subtle colour, perfect for a natural day look

Miss Bree Is a soft pink/coral colour
Is a Matte formula
I have only worn this colour once
Its super girly and pink

The Gossling
This is a nourishing formula
This is also one of my favourite Colours!
Its between a red/pink/orange
Hard to describe but is very vibrant

Miss Sophie
This is a Matte Formula
Its a very subtle Lilac colour
I love the colour purple so I was very excited when I got it!

Miss Sarah-Jane
This is also a Matte Lipstick (as you can see most of them are)
This is probably my least favourite colour, however I do like it
Its called Neon Coral however I wouldn't call it "neon"
Its a bit on the dull side

SO! Thats my collection of Shangai Suzy Lippies!
I get them all online at 
Go check them out!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Night Life

Hello Lovelies!

for todays post ill be going through the look I posted last night on my Instagram
Its super easy and I absolutely love this look! 

First off for my base I used Mac Studio Fix in NW20
(photo courtesy of the Mac Cosmetics website)
I don't have my own photo because I smashed the bottle and its now in another container and it doesn't look pretty :(
I really love this foundation, I find that I get that typical oily zone during the day and I can never get my foundation to stick on my cheeks! I find that this really works for me, it gives great coverage and stay all day!

Next I contoured with Sleek MakeUP contour and blush palette

(purchased via Luxola)
This is honestly the best palette!
I used only the dark bronze to contour, as i wasn't going anywhere fancy, but usually I would also use the darker brown under my foundation
I use this with an angled blush brush :)

For my blush I used Australis BFF's blush in truth & dare
(available at Priceline and Kmart)

This is a really a real cute blush
Iv really smashed out the lighter pink colour to the right, I thought I was using them evenly but apparently not! Im definitely happy i got this beauty

To set my foundation and lightly blend my blush and bronzer I do a light dusting of Innoxa pressed powder in Translucent Suede

This beauty I actually got from Bella Box! Its one of the best things I have received from them. 
I didn't use it at first. When I did I started using it with the little round pad it comes with over my bb cream, but THEN when I got my Mac foundation I started to use it as a setting powder. 
It works well both ways :)

The Chi Chi Cosmetics eyeshadow palette in Nudes has been a favoured product for a while now, its featured in my August Favourites post :)
The colours I used were the first as a base all over, then the second which is a darker pink just on the lower lid. I created a V with my fluffy blending brush with the second last colour, and then I used the 4th from the end colour to blend in with the darker colour..
If that makes sense?

I lined my lids with the BYS Black Magic eyeliner
Its a gel consistency which I have been loving!
I have tried many eyeliners (pencils, pens and liquids) and none of them area as good as a gel... In my opinion!
I like to line the top lid and then line about 1/3 of the bottom kid and smudge it a bit

My lashes are coated generously in Benefits They're real mascara
This stuff is SO GOOD!
no clumps, no mess, no fuss!
super easy to use
I like to old it at the base of my lashes and gently wiggle it to the sides as i glide it up, it helps to coat the lashes, lengthen and they never clump together! If thats not what you want for a mascara, then I don't know what is!

My brows have become a feature that if I don't do them, I actually feel naked. Anyone agree?
I use the Silk Fibre Brow Enhancer

I got this when I was at Beauty Expo Sydney this year, it was one of the best purchases I made!
the colour I use is Blonde, now my hair may be blonde (not naturally) but my brows are darker, I tested out a few colours and funny enough the Blonde was perfect! 
And when I apply it it does look darker if I apply more product
I keeps them looking natural but fills in all the little gabs

Last but not least is the Chi Chi Viva La Diva lipstick in Turn Me On
This is the first dark lipstick I have purchased, and I must say. I LOVE IT
Its such a beautiful dark plum colour, and the texture is so creamy
The only downside is that it does bleed a bit, but thats easily fixed with a lipliner!
(I will be posting a Lipsticks and Liners post soon)

Thats the look!

I hope you enjoyed reading :)
If you have any questions, or just want to say hi, please leave a comment!

xx Lucy

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Bella Box | August

Now, I'm aware that its September, but there are a few posts i want to get in for last month!
Each month i receive the lovely Bella Box in my mailbox, and i get so excited!

Its always fun to try new things, especially when its a surprise. You never know what your going to 
get (unless you stalk their instagram for hints)

The August box was a bit of a let down :( usually I'm happy with what i get, but this month it was a big MEH!

I'll start with the Sleek makeUP Kajal eyeliner

I don't think I'm overly fussed on this product, its a bit weird tbh
At first i did use it wrong, so I'm partly to blame
But its not highly pigmented and i LOVE dark eyeliners
I feel like its just a bit awkward to use
You line it hop horizontal with your lashes and glide it along..
I might have to have a play around with it but for the moment ins ticking with my usually gel eyeliner

Next is the Maybelline colour show polish in Chiffon Chic

This is about the 100th nail polish i have received (not literally)
But come on I'm over it! 
It is a pretty colour, very barbie pink

This next one is a hair product that is meant to give life back to the hair

To be honest i don't know the brand and I'm not going to use it, for 3 reasons
Number one, it smells like nit treatment! #ew
Number two, I have an amazing brand i use in my hair, La Biosthetique, which i love!
There is no way in hell I'm walking around smelling like that

Finally, the Uber pure gel exfoliate for sensitive skin

Again, I use a an amazing product at work called O cosmetics so I'm only using this because it came in my bella box
It does seem to give a good exfoliation, it seems as if it picks up the dead skin cells and they ball up, then you wash it off with your face towel
I had a look at the ingredients and nothing is screaming out to me to indicate any hydration or enzymes which i think should be in an exfoliant
Im big on skin care, obviously because I'm a Skin/Beauty Therapist, and this product doesn't seem all that beneficial

The other products I got were some shitty hand sanitiser spray and a sample of Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula which is pretty nice but i have a huge bottle of it already.

As you can see, or read, I'm really not overly happy with the August box (however I have loved ALL previous boxes)
And I'm hoping that the September box will make up for it!

If you have any questions, want to leave a comment about any of these products if you have tried them OR have a box subscription you love, you know what to do! (comment below)

xx Lucy

August Favourites

Hello lovelies!

This is my first blog ever!
Iv been trying to think of a way to talk about all my favourite things and i thought what better way than a blog!
This one in particular will be about my favourite make up products this month!

photo posted on my Instagram
These are my ultimate go to products this month!

As you can see, i don't have a foundation posted, because i smashed it!
I was in such a rush to get ready one night that i flung it off the bench and into the bathroom floor #epicfail

So! The foundation i use is MAC Studio Fix, its aaamazing. Love love love the coverage and how easy it blends. Its a win!

 Innoxa Pressed Powder is in Translucent Suede and its perfect to set my foundation. I got this from one of my Bella Box's, it was one of those products where at first i wasn't sure if i would use it, and then once i started i couldn't stop!

Australis Blush BFF's in Truth and Dare is such a cute colour!
I love it because i can make it super bright or a subtle pink depending on my mood
Sleek MakeUP Face Form contouring and blush palette is the best product for highlighting and contouring!
I use the darkest colour first to contour my cheek bones, then after applying my foundation i apply the dark bronzer over the top for a, well, bronzed look! 
The light colour in the middle i use to highlight along my forehead, nose and just under my eyes

Benefits They're Really Mascara is by far the best mascara i have used to date!
I dramatically increases the length of my lashes with NO CLUMPS!
I can't get over how much i love this product

ChiChi Nudes palette, has to be my favourite of all. The pigment in the shadows is incredible! Its the perfect palette to create dramatic natural smokey eyes, or a subtle day look. You can literally do anything with it

Last, but not least, is the BYS black magic eyeliner. Its a gel formula, and i have had it for so long I'm not even sure HOW long (6+ months)
So clearly it has to be featured in my favs!
I just love it. It hasn't dried out, it glides on perfectly and i can do just about any liner look with it!

These products will be used until ins crapping the bottles,containers empty!

wow, my first blot post! finally i can ramble on about the things that make me happy. and hopefully make you happy too!
I hope you enjoyed reading this.
Stay tuned for more!

xx Lucy