Friday, 12 September 2014

Shanghai Suzy | Colour Review

Hello Lovelies!

Today I will be showing my my collection of the Shanghai Suzy lipsticks

For the moment, It consists of 
Miss Jade Orange 
Miss Ally Amethyst
Miss Mia Foxy Hibiscus
Miss Leah Baby Cocoa
Miss Bree Pink Blush
The Gossling Lippie
Miss Sophia Lilac
Miss Sarah-Jane Neon Coral

Miss Jade was my first ever Shangai Suzy Lipstick!
Its a Matte Formula, Its a super bright orange and its one of my favs!

Miss Ally is a Matte Formula
Its avery interesting colour
Its a bright but dark purple
I tried it on and I feel like it needs to be used with a lipliner
I do love the colour though

Miss Mia! I love love love this colour!
Its a Matte Formula
This also should be worn with a liner, which I'm yet to get!
This is such a beautiful vibrant hot pink!
love it

Miss Leah is such a cute pink/nude colour
Its a Nourish Formula
Its super soft and glossy
Its a very subtle colour, perfect for a natural day look

Miss Bree Is a soft pink/coral colour
Is a Matte formula
I have only worn this colour once
Its super girly and pink

The Gossling
This is a nourishing formula
This is also one of my favourite Colours!
Its between a red/pink/orange
Hard to describe but is very vibrant

Miss Sophie
This is a Matte Formula
Its a very subtle Lilac colour
I love the colour purple so I was very excited when I got it!

Miss Sarah-Jane
This is also a Matte Lipstick (as you can see most of them are)
This is probably my least favourite colour, however I do like it
Its called Neon Coral however I wouldn't call it "neon"
Its a bit on the dull side

SO! Thats my collection of Shangai Suzy Lippies!
I get them all online at 
Go check them out!

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