Tuesday, 29 September 2015

L'oreal Paris Infallible 24H-Matte foundation | First Impression

Hello Lovelies!

I was wondering through my local Priceline the other day and noticed that the L'oreal products were 30% off! I have been dying to try the Infallible 24h-Matte foundation so decided to grab it.

I am always drawn to matte foundations. My skin has been so up ad down lately, sometimes Its dry other times its oily and its just driving me insane! However by the end of the day no matter how my skin felt in the morning, it's always oily.

I usually like to try foundations out for a while to see how they go in different circumstances, but for this products I really wanted to do a first impressions. Considering I had a 8 hour work shift ahead of me, I thought it was the perfect opportunity.

Product claims

The packaging states that:
-It is lightweight
-24 hour matte perfection
-It is a medium texture
-High coverage
-Matte finish
-Shine control

It is in awesome packaging! It has a squeeze tube to ensure you can get out all of the product and control how much you use. Thats definitely a bonus.


I dapped small amounts all over my face and blended it out with a fat top foundation brush. All up I used about the size of 2 peas to cover my whole face.
I was really happy with the way it applied, It was easy to blend out and definitely gave a high coverage. I didn't use any conceal or primer, I wanted to see the true effects of the product. So I was really happy with how it looked.
It felt light on the skin and looked flawless. It gave off a matte finish as it said, but It didn't feel dry. I just felt like skin!
I did set this with a powder, because I was going to be running around a work for the next 8 hours.
Now that I felt fierce with my flawless matte finish skin, I faced the day.

10 hours later

So I got home from work, and I instantly knew that my skin was going to look oily.
I could 'feel' the product on my skin. It felt oily and when I touched my face and it transferred into my hand. 
It had completely come off my nose. It was separating on my forehead, on the sides of my nose/cheek and on my chin.
It just didn't feel nice on my skin at all.

I was really disappointed. I was hoping that i would come home and my face would still look as perfect as it did when I left!
I had high hopes for this foundation.

The verdict 

-Is it lightweight? Yes, until it starts to lose its matte-ness. Then it feels heavy
-Non-cakey? Again, yes, at first. 
-24 hour matte perfection? No. For me personally it didn't feel matte after about 5-6 hours.
-Medium texture? Yes
-High coverage? Yes. Until it started to separate.
-Matte finish? For the first few hours.
-Shine control? For the first few hours

So. Overall I was a bit disappointed with this foundation. I was drawn in with the fact that it gave full coverage and that it was 24 hour matte perfection. It did do both of these things, but not for 24 hours.
I absolutely loved the way it applied and how flawless it made my skin look when first applied. 
I didn't use a primer, so next time I use it I will definitely be using one. 

Would I use this again? Probably, because I HATE wasting my money. This product retails for $29.95 at Priceline. So its not the cheapest product (for my bank account anyway)

Just because this product didn't work for me the first time, doesn't mean I wont try until I get it right!

Have you tried this foundation?
Id love to hear what you thought! 

xx Lucy 

Friday, 25 September 2015

Scholl foot and nail care | review

Hello lovelies!

I was given the opportunity by Scholl to review some new foot and nail care products!

Because I am on my feet all day, I was really excited! I had a look through their website
http://www.scholl.com.au and found a few goodies to try.
This is what I got

Electronic Nail Care System

My hands needed some TLC so I decided to give this a try on my fingernails.

I was worried that it would be too rough to use on my hands as my fingernails aren't super strong, but the packing states that it is designed for both toenails and fingernails.

It has three individual heads, one for filing the nail (dark blue), one to buff (light blue) and another to add shine (white). It also has 2 speed settings which are easy to switch between

I attached the file head first and set it to the lowest setting.
It felt fine on my nails, it didn't feel to rough to use. You definitely have to apply a light pressure, I found when I pushed down firm it wouldn't work as well (packaging states to gently file).
You can make a nice shape with it, I just found personally that the vibrations of the product made it hard to see what I was doing.

Once I had my desired shape, I changed heads to the buffer.
It states that it evens out ridges and smooths the nail surface.
I do have ridges and my nails tend to flake a lot so I set it to the highest setting as I wanted to give them a really good buff.
The packaging states to use it for a maximum of 15 seconds per nail ever fortnight to avoid overusing.

I glided the buffer over my nail, making sure to cover the entire nail evenly.
As you can see I have bad cuticles, especially on my thumb.
The buffer didn't help much with removing that, however it doesn't state that it removes over grown cuticles, so I removed those myself with a cuticle clipper.
It also didn't help to remove the uneven nail layers that I have due to my nails flaking.
I found that it did smooth them out, but I not as much as I would have hoped. I have buffing blocks that do a better job.

Once my nails were buffed, I changed to the third head to add shine. I set it to the highest setting, as I wanted to se just how shiny they could get. It states to apply a light pressure for best results. 
I really liked the way this head made my nails look. It didn't add an over the top shine, just enough to make them look healthy. 

After a few days of using it, my nails are still looking shiny and they haven't become weak from using an electronic file. 
All in all I was pretty happy with the product, however was a little disappointed with the buffing head. 

This product isn't suitable for people with weak, damaged nails. If your nails are in quite good shape then this would definitely work for you.

I have also tested this out on my toes. I used the high setting as the nail are a lot thicker and stronger. Its easy to create a nice squared nail shape on the toes, but I would recommend clipping them down if they are a bit long as it took a while to file them down without clipping them before hand.

Velvet smooth Express Pedi with Diamond crystals

My feet aren't in the worst condition, they get a little dry sometimes but other than that they are ok. 
I would be interested to see how this product worms for someone with extremely dry feet.

This was my feet before using it 

They ant too bad, just a patch of dry skin on the balls of my feet and a little around the heel.

The instructions state that it buffs away hard skin in an instant and that it is easy to use. Gently rotate over hard skin and see dead skin cells disappear. 
Not to be used on wet skin, and no longer then 3-4 seconds in one spot at a time. Do not use on sore or irritated skin and not suitable for people with diabetes or people with poor blood circulation.

So with that all in mind, I turned it on and started from the heel of my foot and gentle glided it in an upwards motion. I did this all over my heel, not taking it too far up as the skin in the mid section of my foot isn't dry. 

I then did the same on the balls of my feet, concentrating on the area below my big toe where I had a patch of dry skin.

This is how my feet looked after

It might look like they are still dry, but I believe this is just due to the fact that it is used on dry, not wet skin. They feel a lot smoother and softer. Once you wash off the excess dead skin cells and dry them, they look much better. I just wanted to show you how they looked instantly after using it.

I really liked this product I think it is an excellent hard skin remover. As I said, my feet weren't in a terrible condition so my results may be different to others.

Velvet smooth Night Mask

The night of using the Express Pedi I used the Night Mask to moisturise my feet after buffing away all the dry skin.

It states that you simply apply and massage into dry clean skin before bed. Works like a moisturiser and there is no rinsing required.

I applied an amount the size of two peas to each foot, leaving a small amount of residue on my feet. I put my bed socks on too to keep my feet warm.

When I woke up in the morning my feet did feel lovely and soft. It states that it provides up to 24 hours of hydration, which means that if you had incredibly dry feet you would need to use this every night. I found that I could use it every second or third night as my feet aren't too dry.


I think that over all these three products work really well together. They are the perfect pedicure set. 
The only two things I didn't like was the fact that it is a bit hard to see what your doing with the electronic file, and the buffer didn't work too well on my ridges. Other than  that i saw no faults with the products and would still recommend them to my family and friends.

Be sure to read the packaging before purchasing these products as there are some contraindications.

I hope this review was helpful to you all!

If you have any questions please leave a comment down below.

Have you ever used any Scholl products?
Id love to hear about them!

xx Lucy

Monday, 7 September 2015

Real Techniques sculpting set | Review

Hello Lovelies!

About a while ago I wont a competition run by makeupwithjenny on Instagram and received the Real Techniques sculpting set! 

I have wanted to try this brand for a long time so I was really excited when I won!

I have been absolutely loving them! I must say that I don't use the fan brush all that much, but the sculpting brush and setting brush have been getting some serious love. 

The sculpting brush is amazing for contouring, it blends product really well. 
Its quiet dense but still soft so it doesn't leave harsh lines :)

I use the setting brush as a highlight brush and it applies the product beautifully.
Its tapered at the tip so it can be used to add highlight product under the brows, or on larger areas around the eyes or forehead.

I sometimes use the fan brush to set under my eyes, but not very often.

The quality of the brushes is excellent, so for $27.44 iherb It is definitely worth it!

What are your favourite brushes?
Comment down below!

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xx Lucy