Sunday, 23 August 2015

LA Girl cosmetics Glazed lip paint | swathes and review

Recently (before my spending ban) I purchased three of the LA Girl cosmetics glazed lip paints from Crush Cosmetics

I had seen them floating around social media for a while now and I really wanted to give them a try!

I usually go for nudes/reds so I decided to mix it up!

(purchased from Crush Cosmetics)
I got the colours (from left to right) Babydoll, Flirt and Whimsical 

(swatches top to bottom Whimsical, Peony and Babydoll)

Whimsical is a gorgeous purple toned pink 
This is probably my favourite of them all

Peony is a beautiful salmon/pink
It doesn't give full coverage but most probably because it is a lighter colour
It did show up the dryness of my lips but thats easily fixed with some calmed applied before 

Babydoll isn't a colour I usually reach for but I wanted to add some different colours to my collection
This is your classic "barbie" pink

With all of them I find that applying them to the inner or middle part of your lips first and then using a fine brush to line your lips works best for me so I can get a clean finish

If you have anything similar to these, or any different colours comment below!
Id love to add to my collection (once my spending ban is over)

xx Lucy

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

July purchases | swatches and reviews

Hello lovelies!

Im sure most, if not all of these products have ben mentioned on my blog already but I thought I would just do a run through of what I have purchased throughout the month!

Considering i'm a uni student, only working part time and paying off a car loan, I REALLY SHOULDN'T BE SPENDING MONEY!
But hey, If its not in my bank account its better off on my face! haha

I also made my first ever Mecca order which was very exciting!

My first purchase for the month was Bondi Sands self tanning foam

I have been really enjoying it so far, it applies well and when it fades it doesn't go patchy, except for where your bra sits right in the middle of your chest but what tan DOESNT go patchy there. Girl problems am I right?

Next is one of my favourites, although technically I didn't purchase it this month but it did arrive, and that is the Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks and star powder!

I got the colours Nude, Underground, 1995 and buttercup and Marylin star powder.
Let me just say that the star powder is the most amazing highlight I have yet! And the lipsticks are sooo pigmented.

(top to buttom : nude, underground, 1995 and buttercup)

Another favourite purchase was from Maybelline! They have bought out some amazing product recently! 

I picked up the Fit Me dewy+smooth foundation, Fit Me concealer, Lash Sensational mascara and Hyper Sharp wing liner

(purchased from Kmart)

If you follow me on IG you would know that I'm obsessed with ALL of these products! I also have a blog up going into more detail :)

Something I'm still a bit unsure of is the Elf Studio pressed powder, I have been using it to set under my eyes and I got the lightest colour but it doesn't seem to be keeping it light it just ends up looking the same colour as my foundation. Will more than likely do a comparison blog comparing it to a few other setting powders :)

(purchased from Kmart)

I have had my eye on the L.A girl cosmetics Glazed lip paint for a while so that was my next purchase! I got the colours Flirt, Babydoll and Whimsical, along with the PRO concealer in Natural.
So far I have been loving the lip paints! It took me a while to get use to them, but I think I have the hang of it now! Hint - I use a small brush to tidy up the edges and smooth it over :) If you have them you might know what I mean by needing to do this haha.
The pro concealer is thicker than I thought it would be and you don't need much! I was planning on using it for under eye highlight but its not light enough so I'm using it to conceal spots instead and it does a fantastic job!

While I was getting the glazed lip paints I also picked up some new brushes from Crush Cosmetics! I have been really loving them :) I will definitely feature them in their own blog post!

And last but certainly not least is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar!
I have heard amazing things about this, I just had to have it! And the rumours are true, it DOES smell like chocolate!
I have done a few little swatches and it seems to be highly pigmented, however haven't fully tried it out yet, however I will definitely be doing a review and possibly even a How To look :)

What are your favourite purchases from July?
Comment below!

xx Lucy

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