Sunday, 21 September 2014

Matte Liplgoss Comparison | NYX | Australis | Lime Crime

Hello lovelies!

I have gotten myself a lovely little collection of matte lip glosses as I thought why not review and compare them!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

(Purchased from Crush Cosmetics)

This is definitely a unique colour!
The one thing I noticed about this is that its not very full of colour
I was expecting it to be thick and full coverage (this is one application)
I feel it would need at least two for it to be extremely dramatic
Its very soft to apply it it smells sweet like vanilla

(Purchased from Crush Cosmetics)

This is a pretty nude/terracotta colour
In terms of coverage this does had mire colour, one application would be enough
Again is smells sweet and is super soft to apply
Along with Transylvania it stays creamy for a while unlike some matte lip creams that dry instantly
It is also a tad sticky when it dries 

Australis Velourlips

(purchased from Priceline)

This was the first of the Velourlips collection that I purchased
I love nude colours so I was drawn to this colour
In general they all dry quiet quickly and you can be sure that it is long lasting
It almost has a warm orange tint to the colour
Its one of my favourites

(Purchased from Priceline)

Its a beautiful vibrant orange/red
I actually wore the last night with a little black dress and it was perfect!
I have found with these glosses that you don't really need to re apply, as they can build-up on the lips
because they are matte and drying I remove them with an eye make-up remover

(Purchased from Priceline)

This is a super bright barbie pink colour which is slightly on the coral side
I do love this colour, but being blonde (not naturally) I have found that I favour darker colours more,
But I think I will be wearing brighter colours now its starting to warm up :)

(purchases from Priceline)

I think the names of theses lip creams are so cool haha!
This is a pretty pink/purple colour
Its super cute!
I feel like I won't wear this colour a whole lot, I didn't own a pink lip cream so why not add one to the collection!

Lime Crime Velvetines

(Purchased from Crush Cosmetics)

This is the only colour I own in the Velvetines collection and I wish I had 100!
Its my favourite colour ever, its super smooth to apply and dries to a matte finish for long lasting wear!
You will see this colour featured a lot on my Instagram!
Note i did find that when I ate lunch which was a bit greasy it came off a bit, so oily foods should be avoided

All in all
I think its a tie between Velvetines and Velourlips 
The Velvetines are double the price of Velourlips so I would personally go those :)
I do like NYX lip cream I just don't think it would stay on as long as others

Thanks for reading!
As usual if you have any questions just comment below!

xx Lucy


  1. This has helped me sooo much!! Was unsure whether to go for velvetines or velourlips, think I'll give te velourlips a try and see. Do they last a few hours? xx

  2. I do love the Velourlips :) and they have lots of colours to chose from. They definitely last a few hours xx