Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Bella Box | August

Now, I'm aware that its September, but there are a few posts i want to get in for last month!
Each month i receive the lovely Bella Box in my mailbox, and i get so excited!

Its always fun to try new things, especially when its a surprise. You never know what your going to 
get (unless you stalk their instagram for hints)

The August box was a bit of a let down :( usually I'm happy with what i get, but this month it was a big MEH!

I'll start with the Sleek makeUP Kajal eyeliner

I don't think I'm overly fussed on this product, its a bit weird tbh
At first i did use it wrong, so I'm partly to blame
But its not highly pigmented and i LOVE dark eyeliners
I feel like its just a bit awkward to use
You line it hop horizontal with your lashes and glide it along..
I might have to have a play around with it but for the moment ins ticking with my usually gel eyeliner

Next is the Maybelline colour show polish in Chiffon Chic

This is about the 100th nail polish i have received (not literally)
But come on I'm over it! 
It is a pretty colour, very barbie pink

This next one is a hair product that is meant to give life back to the hair

To be honest i don't know the brand and I'm not going to use it, for 3 reasons
Number one, it smells like nit treatment! #ew
Number two, I have an amazing brand i use in my hair, La Biosthetique, which i love!
There is no way in hell I'm walking around smelling like that

Finally, the Uber pure gel exfoliate for sensitive skin

Again, I use a an amazing product at work called O cosmetics so I'm only using this because it came in my bella box
It does seem to give a good exfoliation, it seems as if it picks up the dead skin cells and they ball up, then you wash it off with your face towel
I had a look at the ingredients and nothing is screaming out to me to indicate any hydration or enzymes which i think should be in an exfoliant
Im big on skin care, obviously because I'm a Skin/Beauty Therapist, and this product doesn't seem all that beneficial

The other products I got were some shitty hand sanitiser spray and a sample of Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula which is pretty nice but i have a huge bottle of it already.

As you can see, or read, I'm really not overly happy with the August box (however I have loved ALL previous boxes)
And I'm hoping that the September box will make up for it!

If you have any questions, want to leave a comment about any of these products if you have tried them OR have a box subscription you love, you know what to do! (comment below)

xx Lucy


  1. Love the look of that nail polish!! Can't wait to see more posts from you! X

    1. Thank you! It's a very pretty colour :) I will have to do a swatch post off all my nail colours :) thanks for reading! X