Monday, 29 June 2015

Hit and Miss | June whats hot and whats not

Hello lovelies!

Today I thought I would start a new segment..
Hit and Miss!

There are obviously products that work for some people that don't work for others, or they may just be a complete fail!

Today I will be showing you what I'm loving and whats just not hot

(products purchased from various stores - Target, Kmart, Coles)

Loreal Lumi Magique light infusing foundation - HIT!!!!!

Im totes loving this atm
Its my go to foundation!
I just love love love it, its been in so many posts lately because its just so good! 
It will be a sad day, or maybe a very happy day, when I find something I love as much as this

Rimmel Scandaleyes thick and thin eyeliner - MISS

Sorry Rimmel but its just not for me.
It has dried out far too quickly, and I just can't work with it.
I find the pen too thick to create a nice flick even though its thick AND thin

Chi Chi Vivi La Diva lipstick on O.M.NUDE - HIT!

This is a perfect nude! Its creamy and pigmented and everything Im looking for in a nude.. lipstick ; )

Essence Lash Princess volume mascara - MISS

I think its the brush on this mascara that I'm not diggin'
Its flat on one side and then curves up and down on the other
I just doesn't do what I hoped it would.
My lashes do not look like they belong to a princess :(
However paired with another mascara and its fine, But kinda defeats the purpose of using it in  the first place. 

NYX Baked Blush + illuminator +bronzer - HIT HIT HIT

Yeah I kinda like this one...
The one photographed is Ignite, it it has definitely ignited my love for blush
Its so highly pigmented and soft and has beautiful gold flecks through it.
Sooo good

NYX Love In Paris parisian chic palette - MISS :(

The colours in the palette are beautiful neutral colours but unfortunately it just doesn't have enough pigment for me.
Its fine for a soft every day look but even the darker colours art that dark even though they look like they would be.

If this post was helpful for you or if you have had different experiences with these products comment below!
Im hoping to make this a monthly blog post :)

xx Lucy 


  1. Oh good, I'm glad it's not just me that had issues with scandaleyes! Definitely a miss.

  2. I swatched a couple of the NYX baked blushes the other day and absolutely loved them! I didn't pick any up though because my blush collection is insane right now..I need to take a break! I'll definitely keep them in mind though :)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. When your in need of new blushes I would highly recommend them!