Saturday, 6 June 2015

Bh Cosmetics contour & blush palette | How to contour

Hello lovelies!

As you would most probably know, contouring has become a huge part of beauty guru's daily make up routine. 
There are a lot of products and palettes out there these days, some better than others.

Today I will be showing you the BH Cosmetics blush and contour palette no. 1.
It includes 6 shades ranging from white, warm beige and pink toned beige, dark brown and two blushes, a rose pink and a hot pink

(purchased from BH Cosmetics)

And the brushes I will be using 
(from left to right - Soft Angle Brush from Designer Makeup Tools, Tapered powder/blush brush from Morphe brushes, Powder Brush from BH Cosmetics and Medium Face brush from XO beauty

First off I started with foundation and concealer 

Then taking the Powder Brush I applied some of the light beige powder under my eyes, and then the white powder to add some light 

As you can see it has helped to set my concealer and ad a slight highlight to the area.
The colours are matte so there is no shimmer/shine with these products.

I then took my tapered brush an applied the darkest colour just under my check bone for definition 

Then I took the soft angle brush with a tiny bit more powder to create a more defined line 

I was much happier with this outcome

Then to add some colour I took the bottom blush along my check bone and then the smallest amount of the top blush to add more brightness! This colour is very pink so you don't need much! It blends well

I really enjoy working with this product the powders blend well and they have a lot of pigment.
the lighter colours are harder to see so I applied them multiple times (the white and beige colours) 

I don't own any other full palettes, like some of the more popular ones (australis and ABH contour palates)
But I hope to get one or both one day to compare!

If you have any favourite BH cosmetics products comment below what they are!

xx Lucy

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