Friday, 29 May 2015

I'm trying to grow my hair! | A never ending battle

Hello lovelies!

Today I want to share with you my current products and tips I have learnt to try and grow my hair!
This is something I have always had trouble with, as my hair is fine, frizzy and curly!

Firstly, I have stopped putting colour in my hair. 
I previously worked with a hairdresser and we use to experiment all the time with different colours.
I have been red, copper, blonde, dark brown, light brown, balayage, brown again.. the list goes on and on.
Im currently a warm brown with some highlights and about 2 inches of regrowth.. luckily its blending ok so it doesn't look horrible.

A few months back I had a keratin treatment to strengthen and smooth my hair, these treatments are fantastic and I recommend them for anyone who has trouble controlling frizzy hair! Just be sure to research the product they use first as some are better than others. 
I got mine at Lush Hair and Body, East Gosford on the Central Coast, and its fantastic!

Unfortunately now is has started to fade away, which is normal, the good thing is it doesn't "grow out" like chemical straightening, it just fades over time and your hair will revert back to normal.

Im now trying to tame, strengthen and care for my hair with products at home, and will be getting 6 weekly cuts and in salon treatments.

One of my favourite products I use is Labioshtetique Heat Protector 

this amazing product shields the hair from damage while using heat (straightener etc) and helps to smooth the hair for a glossy finish.
After using this product when I use my GHD it feels silky smooth and soft!
I have been trying to avoid using my GHD as it can cause breakage and weaken the hair when you use heat styling tools often, but protecting your hair with a GOOD QUALITY product can help prevent any damage.

For a treatment mask at home, I have been loving NKDBODY - NKD HAIR citrus mask!

(purchased from NKD BODY)

This product has been a life saver! It deeply conditions to hydrate and repair your hair using natural essential oils and ingredients. I love it because it is vegan, not tested on animals and made in Australia! 
I use this once a week after shampooing and conditioning with my sulphate free products.

After my hair dries natural, I apply a small amount of Silk oil of morocco, hair and skin treatment

(purchased from a local hair and beauty supplier, however they are available on their website)

This helps to smooth my hair once it has air dried and it ads a glossy shine with out weighing it down! 

I have also been taking a dietary supplement by Cenovis which you can get from Coles

(purchased from my local Coles)

I take this twice daily to help maintain healthy hair, skin and nails!

Along with using these products, I have been avoiding putting my hair up unless I leave the house, I either leave it out or put it in a loose plait when I go to bed and I avoid high buns or pony tails.

Im hoping to grow my hair at least another 4 inches, if not more!

If you have any hair growth tips you would like to share please leave a comment below! Or maybe try these products and tips for yourself!

xx Lucy


  1. I've heard lots about the NKD hair brand, I may have to give it a go!:) thanks for sharing!!

    1. I really like it! There are a lot of hair masks out there these days but because I follow Brittney Saunders and its her brand I wanted to try it and it makes my hair feel so soft! And its easy to use :)